class 10th

Parents often get tensed and puzzled when their word is on class 10. The reason being this is the first board exam in their life and every parent wants that their child should score more marks in this exam. Now in scoring great marks only three things can help a student first hard work, proper planning and right implementation of the strategy in the exam hall. The co-ordination of these three things is very important and proper implementation of these three things is only possible when a student do rigorous practices before the exam. This is only possible when their parents will choose the right platform for their child.

There are few important steps that are very important to take by a student to score well in the exam.

• Preparing a routine for daily study:-

Preparing a routine for a daily study plan is very important to score great marks in the exam. Scheduling the study time is very important to help a candidate in achieving their desired goals for the day. Then it will help them to achieve the target for the week and at last for the month. Thus it will help them to prepare well for the exam.

• Be specific in your approach:-

While your child is preparing for the exam then the approach must be very clear and definite in nature. In this regard, the services of qualified teachers from us can be of great help for you. The reason being they have experience and knowledge to help the child in framing the right strategy for their exam so that they can score high marks in the exam.

• Result oriented preparation:-

While appearing for the 10th exam a student must be aware of the distribution of marks. Distribution of the marks holds the key along with the proper time management. Our teachers not only help the students in clearing up their concepts but also in providing them the ready strategy to crack the exam in a proper manner. They can help your child to score good marks by helping them in framing a smart approach to score well in the exam.

• Subject wise break up of time:-

Proper break up of time is essential as per the subject weightage. This concept is very important to remember the lessons of any subject. In some subject a student need to memorize like history, geography, literature etc. Just you need to prepare a proper break up of time on the basis of the need of the subjects. Especially, in those areas where a student need to learn by heart and to remember before the exam.

• Keep yourself updated with the syllabus pattern:-

It is very important that you keep yourself properly updated with the latest syllabus pattern. In the all board exams one thing is common that is they prepare questions on a standard pattern. Not too hard not too easy the question pattern is standard covering the entire syllabus. Thus a proper knowledge of these small but important things is very important to keep yourself updated as per the requirement.

How the services of Gurusiksha can prove to be helpful for your child?

In Gurusiksha we try to ensure that the students are trained by quality mentors within their proximity. This will reduce their wastage of time for visiting the tutors place to get the tuition. Better to say that we ensure quality mentors at a reasonable rate. After that you can choose the teacher as per your requirement. It may happen that the teacher you have chosen may not satisfy your requirement. In that case you will get three demo classes depending on which you can decide that weather this teacher can help your child to score well in the exam or not.
We have pool of quality teachers within the proximity of your area. This will help you to help your child in gaining momentum for your child growth. After that your child can also attend the online live session record that video for future reference for recapitulating the concepts well and in proper manner.

Your child can also self assess their level of preparation to understand their level of preparation. We try to deliver the quality mentors and guidance so that your child can score good marks in the board exams.

It is our conviction to deliver you mentors who could guide your child to success. All the tutors who are enrolled here are properly verified and filtered to help your child in getting the quality tuitions at a reasonable price. In our organizations we also provide the platform to our teachers to earn well and to join hands with innovation. Our innovative approach can easily help any child for their academic growth. We try to make education interesting rather than boring in nature. Only interest can help a child to study more and score good marks in the exam.

Why class 10 is important for your child career?

From class 10 onwards your child can get the scope to choose the stream of study of their choice. So, if their marks are high on tenth especially on science stream then they will get the scope to choose the most interesting stream of their choice. We try to first figure out the strengths of the students first. Then on the basis of that we keep on focusing in increasing his strength on that and try to reduce the weakness as far as possible.Thus if you want that your child must score well in the 10th exam. Then we can be the best solution for you. We ensure that your child can give their best performance in the exam. We have the best team of teachers in helping your child in getting the desired marks they require.

Even our last minute suggestions are also sharp enough to help the student in scoring good marks in the exam. Hence your problem of getting the quality teachers will get reduced top great extent.

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