class 11th

   Most of the time it is heard that if concepts of class 11 are clear to the students then they can performs well in class 12. This is the most crucial class for the students and they need to be very precise and clear with their doubts regarding any subject that they study. Now for clearing up the doubts they require proper guidance and assistance of a qualified tutor. In this regard the assistance of our qualified tutor can be of great help for you. We possess the best tutors of the state to help your child in getting the online and offline tuitions within your vicinity.

What type of facilities a student or parents will receive?

There are several ways by which a student or their parents can seek benefits from us. First of all every student will get the option to choose the teacher of their choice from our online platform. Apart from that, after you choose any one you will get three demo classes on this demo classes you will get a fair idea about the efficiency and the knowledge of the teacher. So, you can make a wise decision regarding selecting the teacher. The reason being it may happen that a teacher may seem to be very qualified on papers but the technique of teaching may not be up to the mark. For this the demo classes are being offered to judge the quality of the tutors.

Choose tutor by yourself

Secondly, when parents search tutors of their own then they have to rely on the word of mouth communication of the tutor regarding their qualification. Parents cannot claim to view their degrees or cross check their qualification. But in Gurusiksha we first cross check their background and then we offer them tuition from our end. This will help the students in getting the right tutor for their guidance

Online live classes

Again in our platform if students opt for online tuitions then they can get classes as per their time schedule. They can schedule the classes as per their own timing and can attend the classes or sessions by sitting back at their home and can get the classes. On top of that students can record the sessions for their future reference. They can easily recapitulate the concepts as per their need at any point in time to make their doubts clear. Thus it will help the students to boost up their concepts well.

Tutors within their proximity

Fourthly, the students will get tutors within their proximity. They will get the tutors as per their choice within their vicinity. This will help the students to save the time and energy to prepare well before the exam. Apart from this, they will understand the concepts due to one to one interaction with the teachers. In general cases, students get inducted to coaching centers where among the crowed they have to understand the subject. This becomes difficult for the teacher to understand about the development of the student very closely.

Reasonable hourly basis payment

Now comes the most important fact the fees of the tutor. Most reasonable amount is charged from the parents on hourly basis. In class 11 teachers charge huge sum of money from the parents but this platform ensures reasonable investment at an affordable rate on weekly basis. Thus the financial burden of the parents will get reduced to a great extent. Along with that students will get the opportunity to get in touch with the teachers as per their time. Hence at a very reasonable rate students can get the quality tuition within their proximity to clear up their concepts accurately.

Free platrform for student’s

In Gurusiksha we try to deliver the best tutor to the students. We are one of the most innovative learning platforms for the students in the country to deliver them the quality tuition in the state. But the most important fact in this regard is that students will also get free study materials from our app so that the students can prepare well for the exam. Along with that if any student faces any sort of difficulty while studying then they can easily post their queries in our site and will get answers within 24 hours duration from the teacher.

Easily track academic growth

Our online tuition services can help the child in get in touch with the best tutor of the state. So, the chances of academic growth of your child will be higher rather than any other option you choose for your child. Providing total tuition facility is our conviction. We believe in providing complete tuition to every child who seeks our services. In most of the cases it is being found that students did not perform well in the exam due to lack of proper guidance from the end point of the tutors. This is why verified, screened and qualified teachers are send to your residence from our end.

Quality tuitions by our verified tutors

Most of the students do not get individual care and guidance when they study in crowd. But Gurusiksha is that platform which ensures that every child must get the quality tuitions by our verified and qualified teachers. Our teachers are present in both our online as well as offline mode to provide the guidance to the students that they require. Thus you can get the required tutor of your choice at a very reasonable rate. We are one of the fastest growing online platforms for the tutors in the state to deliver such customized services.
Hence from now onwards your headache for finding quality teachers at a reasonable rate will be over. Gurusiksha possess best tutors for your child to deliver them the quality tuitions at a very reasonable rate. We try to transform the process of tutoring in the state through online learning mode. Our process is futuristic and innovative in nature to deliver your child the quality services within their proximity. The technique of teaching can prove to be a game changer for your child in their academic session. So, now scoring good marks in the exam will become easy for students those who are reading in class 11.

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