class 7th

Today, the competition has increased a lot among the students in each and every board. Whether it is ICSE, CBSE or any other state boards the rate of competition is very intense among the students. In Gurusiksha students will get the maximum guidance and quality teaching to score well in the exam. We ensure a successful academic career for your child.

Our online teaching and coaching can help your child in scoring good marks in the exam. Our teachers try to understand the student first and then start giving classes to your child as per their requirement.

Now let’s figure out the factors that how we can help your child in improving their academic  CAREER

Basically, we focus on providing interactive classes to the students from our platform. We ensure in providing quality training and coaching to the students at a reasonable rate. Best teachers from the state will train your child.

In most of the cases, it has been found that students face difficulty in understanding the mathematics and science subjects. So, our mentors first try to understand that where your child is facing problem and will provide their classes accordingly. From class 7 the concepts start to become tough and need a special attention from the counter part of the teacher. Hence our online live classes, Self assessment section and free study materials can easily help out the students to get their concepts clear.

Why our services are unique in nature?

In Gurusiksha not only we provide online classes facility to the students but also the offline services as well. Dedicated professional teachers will attend the query of the students in the post question section to help them out in resolving their queries as soon as possible. We also provide private tuitions for school level Competitive exams like NEET, JEE, KVPY, OLYPIAD, NTSE, NSTSE and many more.

We understand the concern of the parents. They very often get puzzled in searching the quality tutors for their child. But this problem will be over if you seek our services. Parents can easily get connected with the quality mentors who can easily guide your child in a proper manner. But the most important thing in the light of this matter is to get the foundation of your child from the lower classes. In this case, our teachers can easily help your child to develop their concepts. Most importantly if the basic concepts are clear in the student’s mind then they can easily score good marks in the exam. Most of the time, it is being found that students suffer from misconception and hence they commit mistakes in the exam. Proper doubt clearing session is very important in order to clear up the concepts. In the online platform of Gurusiksha students can ask their questions to the tutors to the n number of times to clarify their doubts.

Teachers are also patient enough to answer the queries as to make the concepts clearer for the students. We basically focus on the academic development of the students. Our main aim is to transform the education system and to make it mobile as well as easily available to the students of Kolkata. Students often don’t get the answer of their queries instantly but now they will get their queries answered within 24 hours after they post their questions.

In case of traditional tuition centers students have to wait for a week to get the answer of their queries. But now this thing will not be continued any more. While practicing if they face any sort of problem they can easily will get the answers of their query.

How students can get maximum benefits from us?

We know this fact that from class 7 onwards the countdown for board examination starts. But in most of the cases students fail to achieve the desired marks for getting the subject in their future to study.

• Gets quality training at a reasonable rate.

• Online live classes to clear up your doubts.

• Instant query resolve to reduce the chances of misconception.

• Get tuitions within the proximity of your area.

• Self assess your potential before the exam.

Therefore, the chances of scoring good marks in the exam will increase a lot. Being a parent you need to be proactive in selecting the teacher for your child. Right teacher only can provide you the required guidance as per the requirement of your child.

Students will experience the most innovative form of learning from our app & website. They will get the opportunity to learn the concepts in the most innovative manner. Better to say they can feel the concepts and can write more accurately in the exams. Just you need to have the urge for learning in the most accurate manner with proper understanding of the concepts.

For the first time ever students will get the scope of learning at the ease of their home. They will get more time for self assessment and to study the concepts at home. The cost for transportation will get reduced as students need not to visit the tutor’s place. Time, energy and money all will be saved by joining our online platform of Gurusiksha.

One of the basic advantages of online learning is flexibility. Flexibility of any time study schedule and query resolve is one of the best parts of online learning.

We help the students to get the quality tuitions at the proximity of their home. Learning becomes interesting when the method of teaching is innovative and unique in nature. For that you just need to seek the assistance of the right platform. In most cases, the best tutors provide tuitions in such a manner to make a show off about their skills and knowledge. In such scenario it becomes difficult for the students to understand the concepts. But in Gurusiksha the teachers are instructed in advance to make the learning process easy and simple to understand.

Hence by opting for Gurusiksha you can get the opportunity to get in touch with the quality tutors of the state. Those who are basically student friendly in nature.

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