class 9th

The competition among the students is huge today. The aim of every student and their parents is to get the maximum marks. But the matter of fact here is that to seek the assistance of the best tutor to achieve the goal of getting good marks. Most of the time, it happens that parents did not get the source of a quality teacher and for this reason the students cannot score good marks in the exam. But now this problem will be over as our online service for mentoring the students will help the parents in getting touch with the best quality tutors of the state.
Most of the time while searching tutors parents commits certain common mistakes. First let’s explore the mistakes they commit

• Selection on the basis of popularity:-

Sometimes it happens that parents often believe the word of mouth communication about the reputation of the teacher. This provokes them to take a wrong decision for selecting the teacher for their child. Ultimately leads to poor preparation before the exam. It may happen, the teacher whose way of teaching suits other child better may not prove to be effective for your child. The reason being no demo class is being provided by the teacher.

How Gurusiksha can help you in selecting the teacher?

First of all from the website or from the app of Gurusiksha you can select the teacher of your choice. After that on the basis of the rating, reviews, and location you can select the teacher. Once you select a teacher then you will get three demo classes to judge the fact that weather that teacher can satisfy the requirement of your child or not. Hence the scope for scoring well in the exam will increase a lot.

• Wastage of time due to long distances:-

In most of the cases it happens that parents select teachers who stay in distant places. This kills the time and energy of the students to a great extent. Thus, their energy to understand the concepts gets reduced to a great extent due to extensive travelling that a child has to undergone. Their level of concentration gets reduced to a great margin. Hence the level of understanding is reduced to a great extent.

How can Gurusiksha help your child in getting teachers within proximity?

In Kolkata we are specialized in providing teachers within your proximity. We possess quality teachers who are present within your area. Thus, proper mapping of the teachers is possible from our services. You can get teachers both in the online as well as in the offline platforms. They possess the best tutors of the state to help your child in getting the quality tutors for their exam preparation.

• Parents don’t cross check the qualification of the teachers:-

This is one of the most vital points where the parents cannot do well. They have to believe the word of mouth communication of the teacher about their status of qualification. They cannot cross check the facts weather the teacher is speaking the truth or not. This may hamper the academic growth of the teacher to a great extent.

How Gurusiksha can help the parents in cross checking the qualification?

In Gurusiksha the registered teachers first submit their qualification documents then they were allotted classes. So, the chances of miscommunication are very less from the part of the teachers. Thus teachers cannot modify the facts from the parents. They will get the quality tuitions which they deserve from their end. We have pool of teachers in our data base all are screened and tested.

This is why proper verification of the teachers can be possible from us and from our end to provide to the right result that your child deserve.

Now in some cases it is being found that parents have misconception about popular teachers. This actually means teachers can teach well but they are taking class in the crowed this may lead to degradation of the quality of understanding of your child on vital concepts. Lack of individual care may lead to misconception and worse result for your child. This is why the best option is to select the teacher from our platform.

How vital is class 9 and how Gurusiksha can help you?

Basically, class 9 is the last class for school level exam to the way towards the board exam. So, the well a student will be prepared with the concepts in class 9 the better will be his /her performance in the exam. Just they need to have the right guidance at the right time to score well in the exam. It is being found that a student with quality mentors scores well in the exam. They have the scope to score high marks in the exam. The base of the concepts needs to be very strong without strong concepts students cannot be able to perform well in the boards. In Gurusiksha we ensure that teachers must provide revision and doubt clearing classes once a chapter is being finished. Proper hand holding of the students is possible from our end points. Juts the student need to be very pro active in selecting and scheduling the classes in a proper manner.
All the students are not of same merit. Some may understand concepts at one shot and other may take some more time. So, according to the needs of the child the teacher will provide the classes.
Hence in this way we can ensure proper development of your child from our end points. Apart from this your child will also get the scope to self assess their level of preparation for the exam from our assessment section. We ensure quality services at a very reasonable and at a very affordable rate. Quality services with result oriented approach are our conviction that we follow while providing tuitions to your child. 

We care for your concern and on your investment. This is why we try to provide the parents the proper ROI on their investment.

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