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Why to prepare for NEET from class 9-10?

Now, there is a saying that if you want to build a very strong house then your foundation must be very strong. Otherwise the entire building will collapse like playing cards. This is why preparing for NEET examination is very important at an early stage. For NEET foundation course is considered as the basic course. Students must start preparing from class 8, 9, and 10 to shape up their career in the medical field. This exam makes the students strong both mentally and strategically to crack the Medical entrance exam. This course is considered ideal for class 11 students. But still such institutes provide this course for class 8 students. 

Why foundation course is important for NEET?

This course helps to build strong base for the students who are aiming for MBBS courses to expand their career. Class IX and X is the perfect time for building the strong base for NEET exam. This foundation course helps the students to prepare for class X board also well. NEET exam held twice in a year therefore it can help the students to perform well in the exam. This foundation course will help the students to cover the large part of the NEET main syllabus and class 10-12 syllabus of the students. This foundation course can help the students in creating the right mind set for appearing in the exam. This course also helps the students in developing the right analytical mind set and IQ for the students.


In present there are many coaching centers where the coaching for NEET Foundation exam is provided. But only learning theories are not at all enough. Learning the concepts is not enough but the application of the concepts is also very important. Proper implementation of the strategy in the exam is very essential. In this case, the services of Gurusiksha can be of great help for you. Our online mock test will help your child to excel in the NEET Exam preparation. The reason being the exam is online and lasts for a specific time period along with solutions.

Why to choose us for NEET foundation exam preparation?

Basically, the NEET foundation exam held every year but many students starts preparing for NEET from class 8- 10. The coaching for foundation examination is done for a short period of time. It just needs right guidance and proper implementation of strategies. Gurusiksha is that platform which provides the students the required base for the preparation.

Hence, let’s explore the important facts that why you need to choose Gurusiksha for NEET examination.

• For making proper time management • Your child will get quality study materials • Better Understanding of the concepts. • Makes the process of learning interesting. • Upgrade your level of skills.

For the last few years we are trying to make things simpler and easier for the students who are going to appear for NEET Foundation 2019. Aspirations of the candidate were given due weightage. Preparing in advance for NEET will help the candidate in securing good marks in the NEET Mains. In Gurusiksha we try to take care of each and every aspect of the exam. Just you need to keep on practicing for the exams in a constant basis.Better understanding of the concepts is possible when a student will practice the same thing more than once. This thing is only possible when you opt for the online learning platform of Gurusiksha. Just you need to choose the time and the test type to start the preparation for NEET foundation just by sitting back at the comfort of your home.Our online learning platform provides students the opportunity to gear –up their preparation for NEET Foundation in a better manner. Apart from this, we also provide quality study materials that are being prepared by our experienced and qualified teachers to guide you well for the exam. Apart from this, another important aspect is to finish the syllabus on time.Our qualified teachers are well equipped enough to finish the NEET Foundation syllabus on time for the scope of continuous revision.

Hence let’s have a view on NEET Foundation syllabus 2019 and the exam pattern.

Exam Pattern


Note:- This is the current year NEET exam syllabus and on 5th of May 2019 the NEET exam will be held.

Hence the students who have already applied for the form need to focus more. The reason being only one month is left for the exam. Just you need to gear up your strategy for scoring well in the exam. This is why the best option in this case is to seek the assistance of a professional private tutor who can easily help you in scoring well in the exam.For the last few years we are one of the fastest growing online quality tutors provider in India. We try to deliver our quality services at a reasonable rate. Just you need to switch the right option for building your future in the medical field.After getting training from our qualified teachers our students have performed well in the exam for the past few years. Just you need to seek the assistance of a professional private tutor like us who can give proper assistance to the students to score well in the exam. Thus from the above information it has become clear that how our online tuition provider can help your child to prosper in their career.

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