An academic Olympiad examination is conducted every year in New Delhi at school level for competitive examination. Olympiads condusted on the basis of school syllabus through various organizations. The basic objective of olympiads is to identify a child’s capability and real potential to survive in this highly competitive world. This is why the exam is conducted every year to judge the IQ level of the candidates on certain respective subjects. Students can also seek the help of online tuitions for cracking this exam.

How giving an Olympiad examination can improve your child career?

The basic objective behind conducting the OLMPIAD examination by SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) is to build the strong aptitude ability among the young learners of India. Again to encourage the learning of the students in Science, computers, Mathematics, English and general knowledge.  There are several other benefits also associated with this examination. So, let’s explore them one after the other to get better insights about it.

• Test the understanding and the concepts of the students:-

SOF by conducting this exam tries to build a strong foundation of the young learners on various concepts that they are learning in schools syllabus. Better to say that in order to enhance a strong grasp on the fundamental concepts of the subjects this examination is conducted. The questions of the OLYMPIADS are basically application driven not just to test the knowledge but also on the understanding the application of the concepts.

• Improves the problem solving and analytical skills of the students:-

Basically, Olympiads intend to test the skills of the learners on certain parameters like observation capability, classification skills, predictability, problem solving, identifying, analytical thinking ability, reading, writing and many more. One of the basic aims of this exam is to upgrade the spatial ability of the young learners in our country.

• Build up new confidence among the students:-

After cracking this exam students will get clarity on their concepts which will help them to upgrade their thought process or better to say their lateral thinking ability. This will instill new confidence among the students to take up any new challenges very easily.

• Upgrades the academic performance of the students as well:-

Student’s academic performance also gets a new hike of improvement. The reason being all their skills have already being sharpen and all the concepts has become very clear to them. Their thinking and analytical ability has also get’s improved so they can easily solve the critical problems very easily. Hence there is an automatic rise in their performance level as far as their academics is concerned. Today, online tuitions are also available for the students who are preparing for the Olympiad examinations.Your child will get complete guidance and training for cracking the OLYMPIADS examination from our highly qualified teachers of the country if you register yourself in Gurusiksha. We will ensure that your students get the best guidance from our end. For the bright future of your child you can trust the online mentorship of Gurusiksha.

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